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GeneralAbout The Process

About The Process
Paying with ACI Payments, Inc. is simple process that only takes a few minutes (click here to see how you can set-up an account and spend even less time paying your bills).


  • • Select Service: Select Payment Category (Personal or Business), Payment Type and Form Type for the payment you are making.

    *Not sure if you can pay a certain bill with us? Click here to see our "Who Can I Pay?" page.

Provide Payment Information

  • • Payment Information: Enter the amount you wish to pay and enter your payment method information. (Please note you will not be charged until you submit your payment at the end.)
  • • Accept Terms: ACI Payments, Inc. collects a service fee for every transaction processed. Based on your input we will calculate the fee and present it to you here along with our terms and conditions for using our services. Accept the fee and the terms to continue.

Provide Taxpayer Information

  • • Enter Taxpayer's Information: Here you will provide personal information such as your name and address. Please be sure to use the primary taxpayer's information (the person listed first on the tax form you submitted) to ensure accurate processing by the IRS. This information is required so that ACI Payments, Inc. can properly authorize and process your payment. Remember that the highest data encryption standard protects every transaction. Your personal information stays personal.
  • • Confirm that all the data you have supplied us with is correct. You also have the option to create a My Account, which will allow you to make future payments more quickly and easily. After you press "Submit" we will process your transaction in real-time. This process will only take a few seconds.


  • • Digital Receipt: You will receive a unique confirmation number as well as a digital receipt for your records. We also offer a printer-friendly version if you wish to have a hard copy of your receipt.